The sand production line launched by Fote has the characteristics of stable performance, complete and reasonable configuration which has not only satisfied the different requirements of customers, but also bring great economic benefit for us.In addition, as we all know, the wet method is not environmental at all while the dry technique is environmental and will not bring any pollution to our environment so that it has received lost of praise from the market and customers.

For roller crusher, it should pay special attention to the protection and maintenance of the spare parts and the whole machine.

1.It should strengthen the deironing work because the non crushing items which enter the roller will damage the crusher. So it should install the deironing device before operation.

2.It should reinforce the check of roller crushing equipment and add lubrication oil to the equipment so as to keep a good and stable condition. In addition, it should check the abrasion of the spare parts and change the spare parts if needed.

3.After long time operation, the abrasion on the roller skin will lead to the ultrafine granularity, so it should check and adjust the discharging mine mouth.

4.To make the chassis flat surface movable and remove the dust lest that the movable bearing can move on the chassis when there is some materials that can not be crushed so that there may be serious accident.

There are three possible reasons that may lead to the overheating of bearings: lack of lubrication oil, deterioration of lubrication grease and damage of bearings. For this problem, we often add enough lubrication oil timely and if the bearing has been damaged, it should change a new one.

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