For any wire stripping machine manufacturer, only by improving their market position, forming scale advantages and culture and highlighting core competitiveness can they achieve success in the fierce competition. Most scrap metals should not be dumped or burnt in fires, but should be recycled and collected or reused as storage containers. Today, the world is being increasingly conscious of the need for recycling metals, such as copper. Recycling copper is a very lucrative option as it would fetch you as much as 90% of the price of the original copper.

In recent days, demand for copper is increasing so badly that copper thefts appear which have a direct relationship with the price of copper on the open market. The day will not be very far away when we declare copper as a precious metal if we do not recycle copper. Some undesirable practices in dealing with scrap metals include burning metals in open fires, burning plastic -coated metals in open fires to recover metal component and illegal dumping of metals in streams, the ocean or by the roadside. On the other hand, desirable practices include collection of metals and removal of contaminants, reuse of metals for other uses and shipping metals overseas for recycling.

The copper industry is at the forefront of industries committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations. Today, one third of the energy consumption of modern European copper manufacturing is used to operate environmental protection measures. By the way, Fote has been contributed to design new labor saving wire stripping machine and copper wire granulator to make your work easier. Our products are innovative and novel and services are professional and considerate, so why not come to Fote to enjoy your comfortable purchasing?

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