The first is the drill size, which is the actual cutting portion of the blade. Its dimension should be slightly larger than the core diameter of the wire. The second dimension is the counter bore, which acts as the shoulder of the blades that centers the wire as the blades close. The outer diameter of the wire insulation should be equal to the counter bore dimension.But with time past and metal breaks down, hazardous chemicals used in the manufacture of copper items can leach to groundwater.

Copper wire recycling saves large amounts of human effort and fuel energy that is spent on mining the ore from which this conductive metal comes from. Many blade types are widely used in today’s wire processing machines especially in automatic stripping and cut machines. The role of blades will expand even further and new types will be developed because machine designers continue to use programmability rather than tooling changeover and mechanical advancements like indexing cutter heads and rotary cutting continue to progress.Copper alloys and copper are also used in ships, trains and airplanes Automobiles and trucks contain a substantial amount of copper (around 1.5%).

Different types of copper wires and cables are used in North America, so a large quantity of copper wire granulators is needed for recycling them. Fortunately, Fote is top in manufacturing wire stripping machine and copper cable granulator with 12 years experience. We are in line with the tenet of customers are paramount and trust is the foundation, quality is life, efficiency is key.Since its wide use in the life, only recycle the waste copper wires or cables can satisfy the large quantity need of copper. Fote Fote can provide you with the excellent and perfect copper recycling machine: copper wire granulator andwire stripping machine.

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