Since copper scrap recycling is more and more important for the sustainable development, Fote’s object is to always manufacture top and innovative copper wire granulator and wire stripper. What’s more, according to foreign experience and industry-related data analysis, market supply and demand in the next five years will increase further. From the market space perspective, according to the survey, most of sub-downstream enterprises still adopt manual way to operate, so wire stripping machine is in a great need. Every day, our highly educated and experienced employees put this aim into practice, assisted by modern advanced techniques and an effective quality management system.

There are many scrap metal collectors operating across the Pacific, as it is generally the most viable recycling commodity. Metal recycling is putting into practice in the majority of Pacific Island Countries, whether it is the collection of aluminum cans or scrap non-ferrous metals. It has the most potential for cost recovery out of any recyclable commodity in the South Pacific.Copper and copper alloy ingot production and trade form the foundation blocks for important specialty metal fabrication industries even though they are not large in volume compared with other copper products. Although you are faced with so many potential manufacturers on the Internet, it just means that they are specialized in different wire granulators. So it’s important to narrow down your search to only the manufacturers that specifically centralize on the type of copper wire granulator you want.

Many nonferrous foundries, brass mills, steel mills and other parts of the world”s manufacturing industry are dependent on the special alloys produced by these essential-processing plants.By the way, Fote advanced copper wire stripper and wire granulator are inevitable in dealing with the used various electric wires, copper products and copper alloy ingots. It’s a wise choice to choose Fote because of the best products and perfect service.

Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-sized company specialized in manufacturing drum dryer, crawler-type mobile impact crusher and other products with various specifications, Fote Machinery wins customers with best quality and top after sale service!

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