In technology, ceramic ball mill adopts some advanced technologies so as to avoid the eddy current effect. In a word, ceramic ball mill has achieved or surpassed the function of the same kind of products from abroad. In addition, the ceramic ball mill has unique vertical structure that occupies small area and the transmission device of the main engine adopted seapng gear case so that it can transmit steadily. What’s more, the perching knife of the ceramic ball mill adopts high wear-resistant alloy materials which has longer service life and it is convenient to replace.

For materials, if the materials have strong fragility, they are easy to grind and then the capacity will be high and vice versa. On the other hand, if the feeding materials have large granularity which need more steel ball in the grinding cavity, it will influence the grinding efficiency directly. Therefore, the feeding granularity should be smaller so as to improve the production capacity and reduce the electricity consumption.

For fixed cement packing machine, we have BGBW and BGBZ series for customers to choose. They have almost the same working principles and the difference lies in the degree of automation. This point depends on the needs and demands of customers specifically. And for large cement production factory, we often suggest rotary cement packing machine, which has much higher packing efficiency than the fixed ones. And we can produce 6 spouts, 8spouts, 10 spouts and 12 spouts rotary type cement packing machine so as to satisfy different requirements of customers.As we know, there are much more introductions on the maintenance of jaw crusher about its operation and preparation work. So it is more necessary to have some such contents to introduce the maintenance of impact crusher, especially in such a time that the impact crusher has wider application than before.

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