Lubrication oil has great influence on the maintenance of sand making machine which will affect the service life and working efficiency of sand making equipments. So the operators of sand making machine had better pay enough attention to the selection of lubrication oil.The vibrating feeder is composed of feeding tub, vibrator, spring bearing and transmission device. Besides the simple structure, Fote vibrating feeder has some outstanding performance features: this series vibrating feeder has stable vibration, reliable operation, low noise, small energy consumption, long service life, convenient maintenance, light weight and convenient adjustment and installation.

In addition, the enclosed structure can prevent the dust pollution.And if you want to buy a suitable sand making machine, you should consider the following factors: the service life of spare parts, the granularity of final products, the production capacity and the price. Thin oil lubrication system is reliable and advanced so as to prolong the service life of the machine greatly. The unique lubrication system can prolong the service life of the machine greatly. High performance non-contact labyrinth sealing system has almost no abrasion, and it can improve the reliability of preventing the dust so that it remove the common faults of the spring cone crusher.Price is important, but not the most important factor. So when choosing a sand making machine, Fote engineers remind you that a suitable machine is more important than a cheap one.

The vibrating feeder adopts the structural feature of double eccentric shaft vibrator so that it can bear the impact of the dropping materials. In addition, the vibrating feeder has large capacity. During the production flow, it can feed the bulk and particles materials evenly to the receiving device from the storage bin which can prolong the service life of the equipment. Our vibrating feeder can be pided into two kinds: steel plate structure and grate structure.

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