This is the inexpensive, highly efficient sawdust dryer model ATSD-II.It is used to dry up to 880 lbs/hr of sawdust with up to 30% moisture content to the 15% moisture content usually required to make wood pellets. The sawdust must be relatively well ground and consistent in particle size. The particles are suspended in mid air momentarily as they move through the vertical buffering chambers by a hot stream of air from the included furnace.

Sawdust dryer results from constant conversion of burning energy,sawdust dryer represents more powerful energy and innovation, then what advantages does sawdust drying machine own?

1 Fast drying rate and high drying intensity

The heat transfer coefficient can reach 300 — 500cal/m3; it adopts the high temperature and high humidity drying process, the heat transfer coefficient is high, the highest yield per hour is 15 tons of dry material;

2 Energy saving and low drying cost

The drying machine is of full automatic control, continuous operation and high thermal efficiency, the use of advanced similar superheated vapor state makes it energy-efficient 15%~20% than conventional drying system, hot-blast stove fuel form includes biomass, waste wood, wood, coal and other branches.

3 Good drying quality

The wood chips dryers are always used to dry the biomass materials to the suitable moisture of about 15% to make wood pellets. The workers must know the operation regulations of the dryers otherwise you may not achieve the desired outcome because of some minor details. Machine adopts speed regulation, it is equipped with the uniform feeding machine, fuel and gas adopts proportional regulating the combustion machine, fuzzy control device, automatic temperature control, the drying quality is guaranteed without any loss of effective ingredients in the materials.

The furnace uses a portion of the sawdust, logs, limbs or biomass as fuel. This is much more economical than burning coal, oil, or natural gas for heat. This dryer makes a great compliment for use with a small hammermill and pellet mill.

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