This item will be built to order for you and can be delivered to your export broker, or I can handle the entire process for you with my shipper/broker FedEx trade. Plan on about $1600 to ship this item to most us locations. I can get a more specific price for shipping if you will e-mail me with your address.Pipe dryer, known as flash dryer or air current drying machine, is not a bad choice for drying biomass materials to the required moisture content. It is the most inexpensive type drying machine nowadays in biomass industry but with the same drying effect as rotary drum dryer.

After the installation is complete, open the fan and check the rotation direction is normal or not. Choose the high dryer thermal efficiency for drying the wet material thoroughly, and thus will not affect the materials luster. At the same time, the material can be dried per time and avoid the increase of the cost. Check the connective place of the cylinder leak air or not.The whole body includes air boiler, hopper, cyclone separator, fan blower and drying column. Pipe dryer can be used for drying various types of small and light biomass materials such as wood chips, wood sawdust, corn stalks, rice hulls, etc. with their diameter less than 3mm.

Worker should check carefully materials to prevent the metal,stone and other hard objects enter into the drying chamber to cause the machine damage and other accidents. And this is beneficial to improve the drying speed. Then turn on the power switch, let the cylinder idle for a periodPipeline has explosion device, automatic fire extinguishing device, safe and reliable production; the whole system adopts negative pressure operation, it possesses no dust, no noise, good production environment.

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