When the plastic insulation becomes loose, you can use a steel hook to pull the copper wire out of the bucket. Cast iron is a blackish metal which can stick to a magnet, which is used to make cooking pots and pans. Aluminum is shinny, silver and soft, which has been used as electric wire and replaced by copper wire gradually. Tin is thin, silver, slightly shiny and flexible, which looks like aluminum but slightly duller.

After reading the above words, we hope that your copper recycling direction will be much clear. What’s more, after you have collected enough copper scraps, a copper wire granulator will be best choice for copper recycling.Apart from individuals, enterprises should assume more responsibility for the global warming. Fote has been devoted to copper recycling for 12 years, and the copper wire granulators manufactured by Fote have made great contribution to the environment protection and economy development. We are proud of our achievement and we sincerely hope that you could join us.

Oxygen-free copper is just what it sounds like. In order to eliminate the presence of oxygen in the copper, it needs to go through several processes to form the high complex form oxygen-free copper. This form of copper is used in the areas where contact with oxygen would corrode other materials. It is impossible to recycle this form of copper, but it still can be used for some general purposes after separating from the addictives.Then hold the wire above the bucket for a moment to let the remaining plastic drip off the copper wire. When time is up, you can remove the copper wire from the burn barrel. You are not allowed to touch the bare copper wire until it cool down.

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