But there is no need to be so pessimistic. As copper can be recycled completely, the copper recycling has become a popular business around the world. Many techniques and technologies have been applied in the process of copper and copper base products.With abundant copper resources, it is unavoidable to produce scrap copper and pollute the environment, so a wire stripping machine and copper cable granulator are a must for copper recycling and environment protection.In our everyday life, you might have seen one of your friends wearing a copper necklace, a copper finger ring or copper earring. You may also know that many of the wires or cables are made of copper. Besides those common things, what else do you know about copper?

Well, actually, the most popular usage of copper is making wires. Most of the wires in our life are made of copper, it is because its electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are second to silver, but it is much cheaper than silver. And copper can be made into several alloys.However, many factors restrict copper recycling. Such as copper scrap collection efficiency, products design, social value, the government”s attention degree and technology. Among which, technology is the most important factor. Luckily, Fotecopper wire granulator has applied the most advanced granulation technology in the granulation industry. Therefore, technology makes our granulation machine best for you.

Fote is a trustable machinery manufacturer with its rich production experience and good after-sale service, and copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are ones of our best products in the world market.For example, Hydrometallurgy extracts copper and thermo metallurgy recycles SO2 acid etc. It will beneficial to the environment if the best or suitable technologies, techniques and practices are planed and selected.

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