Therefore, excessive copper won’t harm our environment. On the contrary, our environment is more likely to suffer from copper shortage. Soil copper deficiency is one of the main problems in the global food production. Fote copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine are representative products of the copper recycling business. It has been providing copper recycling service for many counties for 12 years.

Well, from the above knowledge, it will be much easier for you to dispose the copper scraps. Here, we would like to recommend you Fote copper wire granulator. It is certain that it’s a buy’s market, there is a plenty of choice out here and haggling is the nature of the game. But when the hunt for cheaper priced machinery actually ends up losing you money, it calls for some serious thinking. The Fote copper wire/cable granulation machine series are capable of granulating various copper scraps. It is a reliable granulation machine with advanced production technology and world-class service.And we have the confidence to make our environment better.

Copper recycling greatly increased copper scrap’s value. For example, the cleaned first level copper scrap’s price accounts for over 90% of the new refined copper. Brass scrap’s price can also reach more than 80% of the brass. Copper products factories have largely reduced cost as the high value of recycled copper scrap.Especially in recent years, the agriculture industry has strengthened the production technology, which consumes excessive copper. If the copper can not be supplemented timely, it will not only make the original lean copper phenomena worse, but also turn the copper sufficient soil into lean copper soil. In many areas of the world, copper must be added to the feeds of the livestock because of copper deficiency.

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