Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic, small polyethylene meson loss, high resistivity, high breakdown field strength, weather resistance, good technology, which makes it best electronic insulation material. However, due to its low temperature, it is mainly used for the communication cable insulation.Copper is one of the most commonly used raw materials of industrial production, and you can see its applications everywhere in the markets. So for sure you many have copper products at your home.

The main bull may come form your kitchen. Many of kitchen tools such as pots and cooking materials are all copper related. Generally, when the copper color fades, housewives would remove them and replace them somewhere to be forgotten and even throw them away. Actually, it is a huge resource waste, for these household wastes are money waiting to happen. Large amounts of dusts and gases will be produced in the mining and purifying copper produces, which can be harmful to the environment and the operators’ health if they breathe the poisonous gases such as sulfur dioxide. However, recycling scrap copper produce little dust or gas. Some high-tech copper wire granulator even produces no dust or gas.

As we have mentioned above, if the mental utensils’ color turn green, in most cases, they can be defined as copper scrap products. Another place where you can find the copper products is the living room. As the medium and high density polyethylene own higher strength and hardness, they are mostly used as cable sheath. But polyethylene has a biggest drawback: It is easy to burn and the smoke is very thick, which brings a lot of hidden dangers to the environment.

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