On a national level, United States Environmental Protection Agency oversees various waste issues such as regulation of hazardous issues and setting recycling goals.However, with households there will be no fine. They will leave a tag and ask you sort out the garbage that they will collect the next week.Aluminum ranges top one in the consumption of non-ferrous metals, so aluminum recycling is certainly an important part in metal recycling. Aluminum shredder takes aluminum and tears it into small shreds before it can be used for making fresh materials. These shredders are more often used by companies that tear the metal apart and then melt it down than by scrap yards.

However, our renewable resources recycling industry is still in the initial stage, belonging to sunrise industry. Metal recycling not only contributes to the saving of energy, the recycled metal also has wide application in industrial production.Fote has double years’ experience in wire recycling. Specifically speaking, what is the role of government in recycling in America? For example, those scraps including cardboard and paper would be prohibited from garbage. If garbage collector finds more than 10 percent of the container filled with recyclables, they will leave a tag. On the third tag they will then leave a fine of 50 dollars.

The copper cable granulator and wire stripping machineproduced by Fote are of high quality and high recycling rate. If you want to join this business, we can give you professional advice.Take copper recycling for example. Except for copper wire, the remaining copper market, including copper roofing, contains 75% scrap. Almost 50% of this is post consumer scrap.Especially compared with the generation and need of renewable resources in our country and the development situation of recycling industry in developed countries, our recycling industry still has huge space to develop.

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