The features of pollution of heavy metal make this pollution more dangerous. The harm of many organic compounds can be reduced or removed through the physical, chemical and biologic purification in nature while heavy metal is very difficult to degrade because of its enrichment. For example, heavy metal flowed by waste water, even if the concentration is small, still can precipitate in algae and river sediment, which is likely to be absorbed by fish and shellfish. In turn, this will produce food chain incrassation.

Pollution of heavy metal refers to the environment pollution caused by heavy metal and its chemical compound. The citizens of one place will feel proud if this place has high forest coverage rate. So for this purpose, we need to save wood consumption. Tetra Pak, a new and recyclable package, does a lot for this purpose. It consists of 75% high quality pulp, 5% aluminum and 20% plastic.The second and maybe the most important reason is supply and demand situation. For example, the price of copper scrap in some coastal places is lower because of the import of abroad copper scrap while the price of that in inland places is higher because comparatively inadequate supply.Then how to judge whether your copper cable granulator is good?

There are several factors. First, it is the welding technology. We know that the stability of a machine influence its working performance. In turn, the quality of material and welding technology influence the stability of machine.Another important factor is economical situation. Futures price not only reflects the present supply and demand, but also the prediction for future. Therefore, only making analysis of the present supply and demand is not enough. We also should analyze the factors which influence the future supply and demand. When analyzing the short-term supply and demand of copper, the most important thing is grasping its demand trend.

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