Good copper cable granulator can reach high recycling rate and high purity. For example, the purity of copper granule got by Fote cable granulator reaches over 99.95%. Besides, its wire stripping machine is also of good quality, CE certificated.If you want to join wire recycling business, maybe I or my company can give you some suggestion. As the mentioned, copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine is really useful, but we also need choose a quality machine of reliable function.We know that copper is the main material of most electrical wires. If we want to ensure the good conductivity of copper, we must guarantee the purity of copper.

What is copper? Everybody knows it, but not everybody knows it clearly. Pure copper is a kind of magenta metal, which has quite high ductility. There is a vivid example. Copper of a drop of water can be stretched into thread of two kilometers. More importantly, pure copper has very good electrical conductivity. Because of these properties, copper is widely used in various industry fields.Then how to remove the impurity in copper? In industry field, the commonly used method is electrolytic method. Here we need copper’s compound: cupric sulfate. Cupric sulfate is one of the most important copper’s chemical compounds. It is a kind of sky blue crystal, which has good sterilizing effect.

What I want to say includes the following two points. Why we classify these litters? We hope we can reduce, reuse and recycle these “green” litters. But sometimes the action of our governors or even us is just for cheating ourselves. In some cities of China, the dustbins are respectively marked recoverable litter and unrecoverable litter, but nobody takes notice of it. The common people throw them away casually and the trucks convey them to landfill.In this aspect, Fote, an experienced manufacturer does better!

Located in the High & New Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou, Henan, Fote Machinery is engaged in manufacturing active lime production line, sawdust dryer machine, and other mining machinery, welcome to visit our company for cooperation.

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