As a high quality padding, coarse whiting powder is widely used in artificial floor tile, rubber, plastic, papermaking, coating, paint, printing ink, cable, textile industry, toothpaste industry, etc. Not only for the coarse whiting powder can greatly enhance the performance of these products, but also for it can effectively reduce the cost of production.Cement packing machine industry has a rapid economic growth in recent years, and the competition is becoming fiercer and fiercer.

When the energy saving ball mill works, the materials equably enter into the first storehouse of ball mill. In order to adapt to the rapid development of various kinds of granular product packaging needs, cement packing machine also urgently needs to develop toward the automation, and intelligent direction. In recent years, it develops rapidly with the features of fast speed and high precision. Along with the technology wave and market requirement, it develops toward the automation ultimately, which brings more benefits to market economic.The storehouse is equipped with stepped lining plate or corrugated plate, and different specifications of steel balls. When the barrel rotates, it will cause the centrifugal force, which will bring the balls to a certain height before they fall down. Through this way, the balls thump and grind the materials.

Single development factory can’t have a foothold in the market. Facing all kinds of difficulties, how could cement packing machine continue to profit in the market? Diversified development will lead cement packing industry to success. We cement packing industry should change our low technology content situation as soon as possible, learn foreign advanced technology and develop high efficiency and low energy consumption large-sized complete sets of equipments and new high-tech products. The coarse whiting powder not only can greatly enhance the performance of these products, but also can effectively reduce the cost of production.

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