When the ceramic sand rotary kiln white patches appear somewhere (during the day), it shall promptly fill the kiln cooling fan to strengthen the skin and move the cylinder cooling, such as the lack of effective long white color change and an increasing trend white should immediately stop the kiln.Kiln skin causes: burning zone control operation temperature, long duration, will burn skin kiln sintering operation with temperature changes, open to stop the kiln more often, thermal shock, skin damage caused by the kiln. Raw slurry composition fluctuations.

Overview: The rotary kiln dryer for hard magnetic ferrite powder burn, but also used in cement, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing ceramic sand rotary equipment, when using the shell scanner is the body feeling, found cylinder local temperature is higher, should take timely measures to avoid the flames of hot spots, such as the flames swept kiln Paper should adjust the flame shape fill hanging kiln skin. As raw material composition of calcium carbonate content decreased by 20%, and adding raw material composition of gypsum mineralization, then we can guarantee to save heat. Volatile small portion of the fuel can be used for reducing agent. Usually crushed coke breeze, you can also use crushed anthracite.

Rotary evaporation method together with the charge of a lot more than the theoretical requirement of reducing agent.Having conducted an industrial experiment learned the hard when the production of cement clinker express, process equipment, especially the rotary kiln production significantly increased 15-30%, while the calcination also reduces fuel consumption. Rotary kiln entire film appears dark, which occurs because of a secondary combustion, the flame should be long to a short flame and moves the cooling fan to the red position. Equipment from the main kiln and its supporting transmission, cooling, fuel system, electrical control, secondary air intake, exhaust and preheating kiln dust removal device and other components.

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