Different fineness is required in different industries. Such as rubber industry, the demand of the coarse whiting powder is 200-400 mesh. Coarse whiting powder can increase the volume of the rubber, enhance the machinability of the rubber and save the dosage of the expensive natural rubber. It can save the cost of production under the condition of enhance the performance of rubber.

Operating personnel is closely associated with the equipment, and his understanding of the equipment directly decides the using effect and the service life of the equipment.Among them, the outstanding enterprise is Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. Through nearly 20 years of innovation research and efforts, we have successfully made a new type of automatic cement packaging machine series, which is suitable for all kinds of particle packing and has good reputation.Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. is a good example of new technology innovation. It attracts the domestic and international customers with perfect products, reasonable design, sufficient corollary equipment and elaborate manufacture.

Fote Machinery deeply knows the wide application of cone crusher, so we summarize some operation cautions for the operating personnel of cone crusher.

1. Transmission belt shouldn’t be installed too tight. If it is installed too tight, the transmission shaft will not rotate flexibly or will rupture.

2. Iron removal device is needed, in case there is too much iron in the crushing cavity, which will cause shaft broken problems.

3. Lubricating oil needs to be changed frequently. If it is too dirty, it will speed up the abrasion of the wheel gear, shaft sleeve, etc.

4. The materials should not be too wet or viscous, and fine particles should not be too large or too many.

5. The allocation of reduction ratio in the production line should be reasonable, only by this way can the efficiency of the crusher be fully played.

6. When the cone crusher is working, the operating personnel should feed the materials evenly.

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