There are special requirements for powdery, granular materials dry. Such as: foam, lees, precipitated calcium carbonate, activated clay, magnetic powder, graphite, dregs. Features; requires low temperature drying, continuous drying and require large quantities of material. Rotary dryer high degree of mechanization, large production capacity. Fluid through the tube resistance, low consumption function. On the material properties of relatively strong adaptability.

Preparatory work before opening a kiln, check your equipment: will draw fans, kiln smoke machine to the minimum valve opening, landing flue valves, so leaving only a small opening. 2, prepare wood: wood should be dry, diameter greater than 5-6 cm and a length of 1-2 meters. Too bad the small timber scaffolding, nor by burning. 3, check the quality of coal: coal fineness should be controlled within 0.08mm hole sieve of 8-15%, coal and high volatile fetch a high value, low value otherwise.Low-temperature calcination kiln process, due to the relative amount of exhaust gas temperature reduction and reduced exhaust gas heat loss will be significantly reduced. Rotary kiln clinker or dust from the skin into a solid form, its main role are the following: protection of refractory bricks, refractory bricks are not directly affected by the calcination temperature and chemical erosion.

Save energy, reduce kiln shell heat loss to the surrounding bulk, improve the thermal efficiency of the rotary kiln. Reducing fuel consumption clinker kiln Another way is the chemical composition of the raw material optimization, and added to speed up the process and reduce the formation of clinker clinker firing temperature admixtures.Found small round wheel with illuminated red or dark red large dot, you should move the location of the cooling fan to the red, stable ingredients, adjust the flame length and location of the void if the above measures should be taken to stop the kiln deteriorating measures.

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