Coal briquette machine is mainly used in coal powder, coal slime, middings coal, coke, charred coal as well as metallurgy powder cool suppress ball, refractory material. At present the equipment have been sold to all parts of the country, and in the more, have successful field and actual case, if you need fluorite powder ball press, please contact with our sales department as soon as possible, sincere service and the realization of customer satisfaction is our unswerving responsibility and pursuit.

Multi-layer net belt dryer is mainly used for potato chips, French fries, seafood products, medicinal materials, wood, paper, chemical fiber, preserved fruit, chili, ball games, particle straw, wood, etc., the main heating mode has electric heating and steam heating, hot air heating.Any powder materials which required being press on the furnace need ball press machine to complete.The finished products are egg-shaped ball, oval-shaped ball, circular-shaped ball, square-shaped ball, columnar-shaped ball, banding-shape ball, cake-shaped ball etc.Furthermore, apart from shapes mentioned above, we can also produce other various types based on customer requirements. Purpose: sand dryer or yellow sand dryer, it is a kind of dryer,which can process lots of material.

Due to the reliable operation, operation flexibility, adaptability, large in capacity, widely used in building material, metallurgy, food, chemical, coal, medicine in the mining industry. Sand dryer, or yellow sand dryer of drum dryer. General adaptation in granular material, also can be used for part of the mixed material way drying stick shaped paste material or high moisture material. Especially dry sand, the drying effect is excellent. Sand dryer or yellow sand dryer advantage is great capacity of production, application scope, flow resistance is small, operation allows larger fluctuation range, convenient operation, etc.

chicken manure dryer machine: