The small fertilizer plant in the synthesis production, fuel costs is more than one-third of total production cost, so use the powdered coal forming instead of block coal, can not only relieve block coal supply and demand contradiction, make full use of coal resources, while reducing production costs, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.In the complex market competition circumstances, its product function and scope of the market have also been powerful ascension, and constantly meet the customers of different and diversified needs, cowin ball press series equipment is mainly used to press fluorite powder, mineral powder, iron essence pink, etc, this equipment can press the powder compressed into the ball, high yield, strength, easy to transport.

The main characteristic and of the Multi-layer net belt dryer:

1. Cover small area, small investment, high energy consumption, high yield, evaporation intensity. can realize standardized production, can also increase the number of segments according to yield.

3. Easy to operate, can effectively save manpower, can continuous operation, large quantity.

4. contact area of Material and air is larger, be helpful for dry uniformity and effective to improve the material dry degree.

5. it can realize to anticipate the continuous dry and not pollution materials, to achieve the requirements of customer expectations.Thus, coal production and use in the next few years will develop rapidly.

The machine is sutable for all kinds of mineral powder, coal powder, coke powderand and other materials to make them molded.due to the mandatory squeeze rollers, so the products have the three characteristics: High density, high strength, high hardness.Cowin fluorite powder ball press machine has obvious advantages and characteristics, such as the ball rate is high, the strength, loading and unloading and handling not easily broken etc., with product technology constant breakthroughs and upgrade, this equipment really realize resources of the secondary circulation and again use, realized the purpose of reuse, create a good social and economic benefits, accord with environmental protection and sustainable development policy requirements.

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