To improve working efficiency, the machines are manufactured to have large feed opening. Then different shapes and volume stones, ores can be put into it one time. It is important especially in secondary applications, as it means you can open your primary jaw crusher wider and potentially increase the capacity of your plant. Many crushers in secondary stage can be used as primary crushers, but no matter which stage, large feed opening can be an important feature.To obtain more evident and good jaw crusher effect, many factors should be considered, including material properties, machines location, project requirements and others. In the market, there are many types and sizes cone crusher, stone crusher and other crushers available.

With the development of our society and technology, the machine has been widely used. Compared to the previous machines, the current crushers are more durable and efficient.When improvement of the machine has a big progress, the production cost can be lower. It has been a good assistant to many applications, such as mining, construction, road building and so on. The newly developed types and designs machines can ensure minimum cost per ton produced by keeping the cavity full, compensating for wear, maximizing the availability of the unit, and offering valuable operating data.

For a better utilization, more knowledge about how to maintain, how to operate and the precautions should be known by you.Building and construction rock crusher has made the process easy and efficient. Some crushers have super full process adaptability, so we say they are versatile. As with certain applications, the crushers are supposed to in some special features and strengths. In the market, there are different types and sizes machines available.

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