This requires the clay residues of organic impurities in the coke oxidation temperature and the temperature interval between the start of inflation, to a minimum, so that it is safer than in the process reasonable terms, this temperature should be within the fastest rise. Drying belt or water vapor with preheating zone (including dewatering zone, carbonate decomposition, oxidation - reduction reaction zone). Feed the ball forward again, the temperature is gradually increased into preheating zone.

Occur in this zone ceramic production, the complex redox, dehydration and carbonate decomposition. 200 ~ 800 ℃ clay mineral bound water and chemically adsorbed water part precipitate, 350 ~ 650 ℃ same oxidation-reduction reaction of organic impurities in the kiln only the periphery of a reducing atmosphere under firing conditions occur.Expanded with cooling with the material first enters the ball 200 ℃ ~ 750 ℃ ​​temperature of the drying belt, under the action of heat of the exhaust gas, the raw material physically bound water and some free water is evaporated.Expansion and ejected with a length of about the length of the match with fuel combustion, which is about the whole length of the kiln 15 to 20%.Expansion ceramic multiples expanding time relationship duration may be associated with swelling clay mineral composition, and therefore can not be mandatory.

Therefore, kaolin rotary kiln calcination temperature depends entirely on the use of the product. Different uses, with different control of the temperature interval. For example: the production of PVC cable machine modified kaolin, calcined temperature should be strictly controlled at 700 ℃ or less.When the fast firing clay material in a short time with a large number of volumes of vapors and gases, the clay particles form a layer around the gas mode, to prevent the oxidation of the surrounding medium access and also organic impurities into higher coke residue temperature region.

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