Pellet firing time within the rotary kiln is generally 25 to 60 minutes, the heat so fast that, when heated clay substances some physical - chemical processes accordingly to a higher temperature region, which, based ceramic the characteristics of grain roasting process can be divided into four full-length with the kiln. However, generally in the weak ceramic firing and peripheral oxidizing medium for a, 400 ~ 900 ℃ carbonate decomposition within the clay. Of the total length of the preheating zone of the kiln length of 20 to 30%.

Then feed the ball into the high-temperature 1100 ~ 1150 ℃ for the expansion zone, the expansion of the entire heating process takes about 15 to 30 minutes, but some of the actual production of the company”s expansion of the best roasting time is only 7 minutes.When the clay material temperature 120 ℃, large precipitates all the free water, adsorbed on the surface of clay particles of the physical capillary filled with water, in a slow firing at 150 ~ 170 ℃ temperature range of precipitation, while when rapid heating to a higher temperature range, the use of plastic method, the length of the kiln drying belt accounted for 25 to 40% of the material in this band ball almost to a dense layer of leather shop in the kiln, the only real effective cross-section of a small part.

Rapid heating beneficial reduction reaction, within this stage oxidation reduction of iron from the high price of the process, the swelling plays an important role in class, because as oxygen gas into the clay particles, the opposite will occur iron oxide oxidation process, which causes the loss of swelling clay, rock, and thus the normal firing system, the pores in the material to form a reducing atmosphere carbonaceous residue must be expanded in the expansion temperature or temperature close to full burn circumstances.

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