The formation of water vapor in the tube with saturated water intake drums and carried out within the steam drum separator, separated from the saturated water flow into the convection tube and continue to heat to produce steam and water wall, separated from the steam flowing through the superheater continue heated, forming superheated steam, and finally leads to the main steam pipe, rushed turbine power generation, steam drum where the steam can be supplied to other purposes.Generally stop the kiln for several hours (due to power failure, cutting, coal shortage or equipment failure, etc.)

Then, saturated water and the water wall tubes in the convection continue to heat, the water temperature will not rise, but a part of the water vaporized into steam. While improving the cooling process can also cooked material quality and flame conditions, and improve clinker grindability and energy conservation. In the northern winter, rural people usually use coal for heating in the coal burned a time in the furnace to form large lumps, bond together, it is difficult to get open. In fact, during calcination kiln fuel used coal, appear above the bonding situation and the situation is relatively similar.

The cooler the temperature of the material surface and the relationship between the kiln, which is mainly vertical cooler cooling equipment, rotary kiln through the discharge directly into the clinker cooler, the air is cooler and manner perpendicular to the surface material of the material for cooling, the cooling process, the cooling material is not only the thickness of the material surface, but also the size and the material.As a temporary stop the kiln. Because time is short to stop the kiln, the material temperature is also high, both in pulverized coal burning, so no need to use wood or cotton balls re-ignition, just turn it kiln, turn the hot material onto the surface, and then open a second Wind can pulverized coal injection ignition.

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