While using a ball mill equipment is generally carried out by a full investment , prices and production line equipment package is self-evident relationship , select the mill equipment according to comprehensiveness .so that in order to know one type of mill price must be timely and production and marketing enterprises to understand , so as to get the ball in today”s market, the most appropriate offer.Motor selection : according to the power source and the working conditions , the first is the need to meet the power requirements. Ball is the material to be broken, and then to smash the key equipment.

Mill is widely used in industrial production of high- fine grinding machine .Engineering and other industries, can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods .

There are many of its kind , such as horizontal ball mill, ball mill , energy saving ball mill, overflow ball mill.No matter how specific classification mill , its grinding efficiency is the focus of most attention, general mill production is affected by several factors .

1 , ball mill grinding process: ball mill grinding process can be divided into two major open stream and circle streams , or as open or closed .

2 , into the grinding mill particle size : the Metal Scrap Briquetting Press is grinding materials processing efficiency for the particle size is extremely important factor in this matter particle size is too large ball mill grinding energy use, even down to 2%.

3, the ball into the ground water and the temperature of the material : the material into the grinding mill.

Jaw crusher normal operation , not only need to follow the correct and reasonable method of operation , and require regular equipment maintenance work , the timely replacement of worn parts and other more serious .

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