Clinker particles grate grate with vertical push forward gradually cover the entire grate bed, although in the promotion process, the particles varies with level, but little change in the longitudinal direction, this time from the grate cooler Inlet to the discharge port side of the tape-shaped fine particles, larger particles are formed with the strip and the particle diameter increases toward the other side of the set.

Kiln prone to the phenomenon of black smoke in the following cases : 1 , rotary kiln temperature is too low , pull the wind is too large. 2 , a little wind , coal volume, oxy-acetylene mixed well. 3 , sub-grid wheel does not work well , there is the phenomenon of the flow of coal . After the ring kiln serious impact on ventilation, coal combustion is not good. 4 , coal quality is poor, especially in the low volatile matter , water large , thick fineness case .Depending on the circumstances, may take a different approach , respectively , generally to reduce coal handling mainly to the principle of no black smoke .

Clinker Red River settlement measures: Red River causes more complex, the solution method is also diverse. Measures to solve the Red River is: we should start working on material properties and thermal operating resolve to make the kiln clinker end grain evenly solve the uniformity of the material layer ventilate the root causes in order to better solve the problem of the Red River. The above two paragraphs nicely describes the phenomenon of black smoke appeared kiln , and those cases will result in a rotary kiln black smoke .

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