Grinding mill to the attention of the speed is normal, but also pay attention to sound is normal, in order to determine whether a ball or rod mill normal movement, to accurately control the grinding time.Pour out the pulp, to put away the Coal Ball Machine on the container pick mine sieve, with a fine stream of water mill anxious and bottom wall, will take mine slurry into a container, lift the ball sieve, rinse with water emergency.

Conversely, trough the angle increases, the settlement area decreases, coarse material down more opportunities overflow granularity thicker, but the return sand interbedded with fine small.Vulnerable parts cleaning magnetic separator magnetic separator lubricated bearings strengthen the repair and replacement parts, should pay more attention.Three reasons, rotor imbalance.Or balance of the rotor, the vibration of the cement mill influence.For this case, Henan Fote come to tell you something about each package ball mill, full grinding phenomenon.

To know how to give with the ball mill, ball mill must first understand the working principle, in order to give the ball under the principle with the ball.Today too, Fote people come to you to talk about the two with the ball mill method.Bag ball mill, also known as paste ball mill, the mill is due to poor ventilation, the temperature is higher, the charge to bring the material surface, thus adsorbed on the grinding media, lining and caused compartment panel.In addition, also because of its fine material carried by each of the different charge adsorption, the formation of small pieces, this phenomenon is the package balls.First mill idle a few minutes to clean, then add part of the water required for grinding, then add ore grinding and should be added to the drug, then another leftover water is added.

circular vibrating screen: