Reduction in the temperature of the test temperature test bituminous dosage reduction of 20 per cent , 25 per cent limestone , reduction time was 2h conditions. Iron ore with iron grade and recovery were restored raise the temperature rises , the reduction temperature above 1200 degrees , and the recovery is reduced. Stone directly into the top of the machine high-speed rotation of the turntable , the centrifugal force at high speed , with another part of the turntable umbrella manner around the shunt target stone impact and produce high-speed high-density crushed stones against each other , the between the turntable and the chassis will form a vortex caused by repeated movement against each other , friction , grinding, straight from the lower discharge.

Here Fote Heavy Industries to alert the user to understand the mill equipment prices , be sure to determine such aspects:

1 , knowing the ball mill equipment is how, what kind of ball is most appropriate to your industry production .

2, for the mill job demands understanding, to find a suitable model and classification.

3 , according to their type of device can be the size of the amount of investment , because it has the same type ball mill equipment operation volume sizes, prices will vary.

Motor selection : according to the power source and the working conditions , the first is the need to meet the power requirements. Promote the use of autoclaved aerated concrete block building energy from this new wall insulation materials, help to curb soil bricks , reduce resource consumption energy consumption. According to the design goal , Complete Briquetting Equipment for crushing all kinds of medium hardness ore or rock . Form a closed loop several times by the screening device control to achieve the required particle size .To reduce overall energy consumption of buildings , Dry Powder Briquetting Press reduce costs, and meet state brick building energy requirements.

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