The commonly used permanent magnets. Made by the permanent magnet separator called permanent magnetic separator , mineral processing equipment is commonly used black concentrator . No matter how specific classification mill , its grinding efficiency is the focus of most attention, general mill production is affected by several factors .

1 , ball mill grinding process: ball mill grinding process can be divided into two major open stream and circle streams , or as open or closed .

2 , into the grinding mill particle size : the Metal Scrap Briquetting Press is grinding materials processing efficiency for the particle size is extremely important factor in this matter particle size is too large ball mill grinding energy use, even down to 2%.

3, the ball into the ground water and the temperature of the material : the material into the grinding mill , in addition to particle size, moisture and temperature also affect the ball outside , efficiency generally substances into groundwater through the General Assembly increased the viscosity of the material , reducing the plant”s production, general comprehensive water into the mill materials will be reduced by 10 % every 1 % increase.

4 , ball mill liners : cylinder liner mill is an important protection tool for abrasive materials to avoid the direct impulse , and a cylinder formed in the attack .The ball milled material to a temperature not too high, otherwise the ball paralysis.

But not necessarily be able to get the key joint technology , foreign companies have years of painstaking research of the mechanical and technological achievements, surrendering China”s situation rare. Moreover, in many techniques have been under monopoly status , BBQ Charcoal Briquetting Machine overseas companies will not put our technical input . In these industries, has a very important role, if jaw crusher is faulty , it will greatly reduce production efficiency.

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