Reduction roasting - magnetic separation is an effective means of achieving development and utilization of refractory ore . Impact crusher , also known as Sand, is a highly efficient , energy-saving gravel sand making equipment , 50% energy saving than traditional sand making machine , is currently the world”s advanced sand making equipment , use very extensive. As China”s economy continues to develop, impact crusher has become a major national large-scale construction projects are an important equipment.

While using a ball mill equipment is generally carried out by a full investment , prices and production line equipment package is self-evident relationship , select the mill equipment according to comprehensiveness .For autoclaved aerated brick equipment mix optimization , and autoclaved aerated brick wall structure as a single device performance studies , research results are expected to achieve the following points: the mixing ratio of optimization to improve the company”s autoclaved aerated concrete block product quality and yield .Ball is the material to be broken, and then to smash the key equipment.

Mill is widely used in industrial production of high- fine grinding machine .There are many of its kind , such as horizontal ball mill, ball mill , energy saving ball mill, overflow ball mill.Except for some parts of the enterprises specializing , machine manufacturing enterprises also set his sights on the core components of production. Because the basic components of development, not only affects the whole enterprise procurement cost reductions , but also in other aspects .Reduction roasting conditions reducing the amount of testing increases , rising iron ore recovery , iron grade was increased and then decreased after the first .

magnetic separator: