China”s current industrialization and urbanization, steady and rapid development , requires a lot of iron and steel resources , and these resources from the development and utilization of iron ore. China”s enterprises through mastery of a controlling stake in overseas factories , in order to enhance the technical capabilities. Examples of this lack of company acquired Italian CIFA , Beijing First Machinery Factory acquisition of German Coburg , Shenyang Machinery Group acquired German Heath and so on.

But the shot acquisition of the Chinese companies must go through years of development , with appropriate funding and management experience to make the trip .The main features of China”s iron ore is poor, fine , mixed, average iron grade of 32% and therefore the development of low-grade iron ore is important. So the user in selecting mill equipment at the same time , we must understand their needs most is what type of ball mill equipment such as ball mill to take now to compare the market , the user has more: tube mill , rod mill , cement ball mill, ultrafine mill laminated , hand Shisha Charcoal Briquetting Machine , horizontal ball mill , etc., and the price of each mill equipment and ancillary equipment are not the same.

First of all we want to know is ball mill equipment development today , like other devices, can be applied to various industries for the production, mill equipment classification and model is also very much , so not only allows the user to select the most appropriate mill equipment , but also promote the development of ball mill and process technology upgrade. In national economic development plays a significant role. In some special conditions, often require special materialsOf the ball, to accomplish different circumstances , the required functionality. In fact, the ball has some special material

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