Since the fine particle Dry Powder Briquetting Pressdensity, through a large resistance when cold, hot clinker from the beginning of the inlet layer, little or no cooling air through clinker fine particle layer through the low resistance to many larger particle. Grate on the side of the hair when operating at high temperatures between fine particles and grate clinker have cold wind blowing, forming a layer of cold air cushion, so that will not be affected by the high temperature clinker grate overheating damage.

Magnesium metal can be processed further application, to process rotary kiln calcination of magnesium, the effect is non-producing well, and the cost low-cut green. Henan Fote Heavy metal magnesium rotary kiln process developed very reasonable, first the raw material (dolomite) from the crusher to the material passing through the rotary kiln sintering, calcined calcined dolomite, cooling cooling, after pulverizing mill.From the long-term point of view, to warm both a big plus opportunities in the steel industry steel industry, but also provide a strong guarantee for the jaw crusher industries. In order to prevent the screw holes lining the edges due to the decrease in the intensity of cracks , holes in the lining around the back of increased metal area , weight loss is not open slots on the screw with a rod wheel grinding chamfering the edges to avoid stress concentrated phenomenon.

Dry Powder Briquetting Press Magnetic mineral particles attracted by the magnetic force , magnetic cylinder attached to the machine , to be taken as cylindrical with a certain height , the magnetic field from the high pressure water will wash off from the cylinder .At this point because of the cold layer of fine particles less and get cooled by its high temperature material layer surface was red clinker layer of cold air through the cooling due to its black surface.

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