Construction ceramsite production equipment:The rotary kiln is the main equipment of the current production of lightweight aggregates. Ceramic sand production can be summed up as fragmentation, ingredients, grinding, granulation, calcined, preparation, finished cooling, screening, packaging and other processes. Calcination stage is very important. The production of alumina is the first step in aluminum smelting and the sintering process of alumina is carried out in rotary kiln,firing temperature abou 13000C. In the process of formulating alumina,firstly,sinter the raw material prepared by bauxite,lime and alkali to mature material and the final step of aluminum hydroxide roasting into alumina is also performed in the rotary kiln,baking temperature of1200 to12500C.

Talc powder processing is mainly the dry processing, using dry mill ( including raymond mill,ultra superfine mill) and air classifier combination equipment. Talc deep-processing is basically fineness processing, generally using Raymond mill, by which talc micro powder has the features of soft, uniform size and in yield it improves by more than 20% than that of the ordinary milling machine. Talc use and its fineness have great relations, general talcum powder fineness in 45 μm and talc micro powder fineness in 5μm, some even smaller than 5μm.

Cylindrical kiln level is about 3 degree angle, inclination placed in the idler. The material into the kiln from the high end of the kiln, as the kiln do a rotary motion, from height (kiln inlet) rolled to a lower (kiln head), at the same time in the kiln hood , high pressure positive blower will injecte material into the kiln, and make full combustion, the heat generated by the material physical and chemical changes, resulting in the expansion phenomenon, after cooling to achieve ceramsite.

mobile crushing plant: