Material falls into the Sand making machine vertically from the upper high-speed rotation of the impeller. After the materials are put into the grinding room of the main equipment, the grinding roll swings outward and presses closely upon the grinding ring due to the centrifugal force in rotation of the main shaft. The shovel carries materials to the space between the grinding roll and grinding ring, and materials are ground as the grinding roll rolls.

With the high-speed centrifugal force, the other part of the Umbrella forms of diversion around the impeller materials will produce high-speed impact to crush material after the impact each other in material between the impeller and the casing lining the form of vortex repeatedly impact, friction and grinding, straight from the lower part of the discharge. According to the different requirements of the crushing process it can be designed “ first crushing then screening”, can also be composed of” first screening then crushing” process. In accordance with the actual needs, the crushing station is combined into coarse, fine two stage screening system, but also can be combined into a coarse,medium, fine three stage screening system, which has very high flexibility to fully meet the needs of different customers.Material for crushing is loaded from the cone crusher inlet.

The host through the speed reducer drives the central shaft to rotate, the upper end of the shaft is connected with the plum blossom frame, the bracket is provided with a roller device and form the swinging fulcrum. The roller device not only rotates around the center axis, but also revolves round the ring, and due to friction ,the roller itself auto rotates.The clever internal air circulation eliminates the dust dispersion.

manganese mineral powder dryer: