Process principle of internal heating type rotary kiln in medium temperature calcining superfine kaolin is reliable, advanced, and its principle is most suitable for kaolin exothermic process”s response characteristic. Combined application of grinding and classification process by Multi-stage hydrocyclone can achieve the required size of granularity.Theoretically speaking, with the increase of grinding fineness, the gold particle exposure degree increases, the leaching rate increases.

There are some ideas that because the flame directly contacts with kaolin, kaolin easy to make mullite phase transition. Raymond mill grinding titanium dioxide process: Since the cooling kiln , crude products of titanium dioxide are vertically transported by the elevator to the storage hopper, then by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder directly added into raymond mill body, and pass between the grinding wheel and the annular gasket. The crushed materials are air flow out, in the upper separator separating coarse particles are returned to the grinding of grinding zone.However, practice has proved that strict control of the calcination temperature and time after kaolin up to exothermic peak, can not only make the kaolin completely dehydrated, decarbonization, whitening, but also no phase change. In essence, the kaolin in excess of exothermic peak temperature range ( 40-800C) will get sufficient reaction, which can achieve complete dehydration, decarbonization whitening.

Semi self mill cylinder screen product and ball mill products together are discharged to the cyclone material pump box, from here through the slurry pump to the cyclone. At this point, the implementation quenching on material, reduce or avoid the re-oxidation during slow cooling process, which can effectively stabilize the product of physical and chemical properties, which can not be achieved by an indirect heating method.

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