Materials directly fall into the turntable of high-speed rotation from the upper of the machine , under the function of high-speed centrifugal force, which produce high speed impact and high density of the crushing with the other part (target stone) in umbrella type shunt on the turntabled. After impacting against each other, the materials will form the vortex motion between the turntable and the casing ,which causes more blowing, rubbing, crushing untill discharged through the lower part. It forms closed repeate cycles and achieves the required particle size controled by screening equipment.

Gold ore ball mill specific production process:

In the ball mill, there are many large – scale steel balls. When the ball mill rotates continuously, the gold ore and the ball hit each other. Ore will be similar as the sand flow, and the pulp flow out through mercury board. Cone crusher is mainly composed of a frame, horizontal axis, a movable cone, the balance wheel, an eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall ( fixed cone ), down crushing wall ( movable cone ), fluid coupling, hydraulic system, lubrication system, control system etc.There are three types , the difference of which is the inlet width and adjustment range of discharge mouth, adapting to different feed particle size and particle size of products.

Standard type is for moderate crushing; medium suitable for medium and minor broken; the short head is applied to fine crushing.Mercury plate is that the surface of board is covered by a layer of mercury ,which is the essential thing for refining gold. Because mercury can encase precious metals in the ore including gold, silver, platinum, etc. On the mercury board gold wrapped by mercury through artificial production process will form a ball, we called it as mercury ointment.

coke dryer: