Henan Fote machinery is not only the production of sand washing equipment, but also the production and sale of related products, if there is a need of the user, Fote machinery can at any time according to the users demand and aggregate properties to configure and the design of new sand process, in order to achieve the ideal washing effect, we can help users tailor-made, it will be the best perfect sand process, give your washing work to bring more surprises.

The quality of the product particle size, product size distribution, particle shape, in various engineering, product quality requirements of the same processing quality of the product, and broken machinery and production processes.Overall, according to the process and the various parts of the productivity of the raw material particle size selection device, according to the hardness of the raw material to choose in the form of coarse crushing equipment. Correspondingly, three 5X sand making machine as the ultimate mechanism of sand crushing shaping device. Whole production line to produce smooth, high processing efficiency, when produced more than 1000 tons of aggregate, provide a great help with the supply of sand and gravel aggregate for the local hydropower construction and other infrastructure construction, government departments have been designated as local typicality innovative production case.

Fote Machinery is a responsibility of sand washing machine manufacturers, in the machinery purchase sand washing machine, machinery for your placement operation workers and equipped with ground, solve all problems. HPC hydraulic cone crusher iron size the finished processed gravel grain shape 8mm following content is high, with significant comparative advantages in practical use, the stable operation of the entire production line, grain shape, and in full compliance with high quality construction mechanism gravel production requirements, customers enjoy a high praise.

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