According to the different production site, the quality of sand, the humidity of the sand, you can estimate the capacity you would prefer. Then we can choose the suitable specification for you and offer you the price.

Structure of rotary dryer:

In order to increase the mterial evenly distributed in the rotor parts of the cross section in good contact with the drying medium, in the cylinder body installation raise plates. There are several types of raise plate.

1. Lifting type: For large or easy to bond the material in the tube wall.

2.Four formats type: Suitable for big density, not crisp or not easily scattered materials. The raise plate will be divided into four panes, and were mutually connected fan-shaped workout room, Materials and the contact surface of the hot gas than large of the lifting type, and also can increase of the filling material rate and reduce material landing height and reduce dust quantity loss and so on.

3.Cross-shaped or frame-shaped: applicable to brittle and easy dispersion small pieces of material, make the material can be evenly dispersed in cylinder whole section.

4.Sleeve type: For double entry Heat transfer for the double (or half the diameter heating) rotary drum dryer raise plate.

5.Separate format (fan): For very fine particles and the material prone to flying powder. materials accumulate on grid board when it into, then cylinder rotates, the material is turning and continue contacts with the hot gases, at the same time, the decrease of height landing, reducing the dry material being gas away possibility.

Rotary Gypsum drum dryer is equipped on the furnace; the pan body is contacted directly with the flame for heating, then the pan body transfers the heat to the gypsum, furthermore heating and frying of rotary drum dryer to the gypsum; this dryer adopts interval feeding and discharging, timely frying method.

mobile crushing station: