The lime mill grinding with the detection for the grinding process has a very important significance for lime mill ball with refers to meet, meet with ore and water, it is the important parameter of grinding process, directly affect the grinding effect. Mill with detection of mineral processing process has very important significance.

Ball mill is the main level and rotary cylinder, the inner wall is lined withcorrugated steel armor, which can be approximated as a cylindrical, the center of circle uniform set in ball mill inner side wall, when the ball mill with a certain speed to rotate, close to the wall of the cylinder bottom of theparticles in the cylinder body armor, particle friction and gravity as well asmill rotation arises under the action of centrifugal force, as the cylinderrotates upward motion, was promoted to a certain height, when the particle is equal to the gravity of heavy rain or centrifugal force,began from the ball mill cylinder wall wall, according to a rail. Water load reflects the grinding conditions are suitable, it is also closely related with grinding concentration, grinding concentration size of ore grinding has certain effect, so the mill running process, content is very necessary.

As the economic crisis brings influence to our country, the state has adopted a series of measures to promote economic development, especially the construction of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, this gave the cement ball mill, ball mill equipment development brings good prospects. What was the cause of the ball mill spiral drum rotation, ball mill in the production of spiral tube and frequently appeared in the hollow shaft bolt breaking out, spiral cylinder displacement. What causes these situations? Predict its due and Fote mill decomposition: So the study on the detection of lime mill grinding with grinding process energy consumption has very important significance.

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