Ensure proper lime mill cylinder speed, the raw materials and the grinding body formation throwing motion. With a preselected, throw waste, less to the mill, due to the high intensity mining method and application of large mining equipment, the ore dilution is increasingly serious. Strengthen the grading operations, improve the classification efficiency, reduce the load of lime ball mill grinding cycle is the important measure to reduce power consumption.

Selection of new type high efficient liner, lime ball mill, reduce the power consumption of lime ball mill liner structure, material quality.The preselected can throw waste large mixed ore pass through a preselected, can reduce the lime ball mill ore quantity, reduce the waste in a lime ball mill, and selection of power consumption, reduce steel consumption and selecting material consumption, increase production capacity, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. The ball mill is a very important mineral processing equipment machinery and equipment, including ball mill main bearing of ball mill is the key component is the theme. Ball mill main bearing selection and performance, directly determines the overall operation of ball mill, ball mill operating rate, energy consumption, production capacity.

Realization of more crushing and less grinding mill, lime ball mill to reduce particle size.Mill speed is too slow, the centrifugal force is small, the friction force is small, not with the lime mill grinding body wall rises, it is impossible to form throwing motion, conversely, high speed, centrifugal force is big, big friction, lime mill grinding body close to the inner wall of the cylinder body rotation, also cannot form the throwing motion, no throwing motion, grinding body no raw materials form a collision, and only the grinding effect, efficiency is reduced, so the lime mill cylinder speed too slowly or too fast is not desirable. Determine the appropriate material, ball, water ratio.

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