Mill diameter: diameter is larger, can be correspondingly low working speed. On the contrary should be high. For the same lime mill grinding media lime diameter, lime diameter is bigger, its crushing work more. In the wet lime mill production, due to water lubrication, thereby reducing the lime mill grinding medium, grinding medium and the lining plate of the friction coefficient between the larger, relative sliding.

Rotational speed of lime ball mill rotating device in operation process, once the main characteristics: 1 the device and lime ball mill lubrication pump station chain.Therefore, under the same condition the wet lime mill should be about 5% higher than the dry speed. Lime mill in the circle flow conditions, due to the lime mill material flow speed, high production capacity, therefore the circle flow operation can be compared to open stream operation of high rotational speed of lime mill. lime mill lining board surface shape: with convex edges of the surface of the lining plate of lime mill grinding medium, can reduce the relative sliding weight, increase its lift height, so the mill working speed than the smooth shaped lining board lower.

When start the oil pump, oil pressure reaches a predetermined value, the device can start running; 2 has the function of self-locking, stopping point accurately, the device is powered off, automatic braking, stopping point accuracy reached 100%, safe and reliable. 3 and the main synchronous machine electrical control system of chain. Master synchronous machine is started, the device automatically cuts off electricity, and at the same time with the lime ball mill transmission shaft separation and stop running. Finally, it must be pointed out that, in the lime ball mill process, avoid pushing and pulling the operating handle.

mobile crusher plant: