The mill itself is in the production of energy consumption, this will mean savings of a pen and its objective cost. The second is the use of rolling bearing of lime ball mill has convenient repair, quality and reliable characteristics. In the ball mill energy efficient aspects of the study, mainly has the mill center drive, hydrostatic bearing of ball mill, supercritical speed conical mill,ball mill, fine and ultra fine grinding equipment, mill center drive is driven through the motor drives the planetary gear speed reducer directly driving the cylinder, motor, reducer and barrel at the same centre the weekly chart,ball mill cylinder body is composed of spherical roller bearing, ball mill hollow shaft with bearing rolling friction between, reduce resistance, realize energy saving.

People will think it between two frequencies should at least be difference in 25% will occur when resonance.The rolling bearing of lime ball mill can save Babbitt alloy material smelting, casting and scraping and a series of complex technical demanding repair process and oil, water cooling system, thus greatly reduced amount of repair. However, because the small ball mill wear resistant alloy content,lack of control, easy cause lining cracking, the current user is less. 2 ball mill in medium carbon low alloy steel, for low carbon and low alloy steel shortage, increasing carbon content, improve its seat and the suitable sacrifice toughness,3 medium carbon alloy steel ball mill lining board, a large ball mill is widely used in cement, almost dominate the market, wear resistance and lining board,but the toughness is better than the imported lining board.

And the rolling bearing of lime ball mill is a professional manufacturer of lime ball mill for manufacturing, quality is guaranteed. Also to the lime ball mill with the manufacturer to bring convenience.This depends mainly on the lime mill “s inherent frequency and centrifugal powder selecting machine generates the driving frequency is the same or close.

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