Mesh belt dryer machine, which is designed for continuous drying of materials, is one of our popular dryers. It uses a feeder to uniformly distribute the material on the belt. The drying section is composed of a number depends on customers’ specific requirements. The conveyor belt is widely used in mining, metallurgy industry to transport of bulk materials and end products.

No matter it is a rumor or prediction, you should be happy to spend the coming New Year with family and friends. As arotary dryer machines supplier in China, we have nothing to express how grateful and lucky we fell, so there is a special activity for all of rotary dryer machine buyers. According to different technology it can be used in single, multiple or combined with other equipment to form horizontal or incline transportation system to satisfy different production line arrangement needs.

But except for the meat and eggs, the chicken manure is also very valuable in modern planting. It used to be a pollution and waste created in the poultry yard every day. Now do you know that many people start to make money by selling chicken manure as the high quality fertilizer? If you want to be a chicken manure supplier, except for the chicken manure resource, the only investment is the proper dryer machines. Soya residue is a by-product of soya milk and tofu, which is native to China, so China possesses the largest amount of soya residue. With the development of science and improvement the quality of human life, from the nutritional point, people began to re-recognize soya residue soya. The studies have shown that part of nutrition of soya remind in residue. So how to make full use of soya residue is a kind of problem in such an energy shortage society.

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