Rotary drum dryer is adjusted by riding wheel, it reduces the force of catch wheel, extends the service life of riding wheel and catch wheel, reduces the cost and increases production efficiency. Meanwhile, lighten the friction losses of riding wheel and wheel belt (rolling ring) and extend equipment service life. Drying efficiency depends on the condition of the fire chamber, so pay more attention to the fire chamber, air blower and dust cleaner and absorption equipment when operate the dryer equipment.Due to disadvantages of high moisture content, high viscosity, high water-based and low calorific value, coal slime have not been fully used of in industrial applications and power users.

The main usage of coal some is for living. Since the third technology revolution, the world economy has been rapid development. Coal production ranks first in the world, and the market situation has changed greatly. Check the temperature of each bearing parts in drying process, the temperature can not be higher than 50℃. The sound of the gears should be stable, transmission, supporting part and the rotation of barrel should be shock-free and non-transport.

Our rotary drum dryer can continuously operate for 4 years without overhaul, but wear and tear is inevitable, so maintain constantly and keep lubricating, check the position of riding wheel and catch wheel and bearing heat condition, adjust or maintain timely to ensure the normal operation. There is no lifting plate device on the cylinder here. Material scroll and slide to the discharge opening. The whole drying process is finished here.Check the contaction of rolling ring, catch wheel and tow wheel.No crack, rub and damage in windshield ring and gear cover.

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