China has sustained high economic growth rate for many years. You could see from the related pictures or movies and you would find that housing, clothing, transportation and communication are both changing to a great extent. While the conveyor belts take the rocks to jaw crusher , the angled plate would move against its vertical counterpart and the rocks would be crushed into smaller pieces. Finally, the pieces would fall through the opening at the bottom.

The crawler type jaw crusher is designed properly and it is run by hydraulic power. The crusher is mounted on the chassis and the chassis track is responsible for the transportation of the crusher. The grizzly feeder could remove the fines and so the final products could pass through the discharge conveyors directly. With this advanced design, a higher production capacity is allowed since the materials could flow immediately without accumulating at the opening.Then the pieces would be carried to impact crusher. Although the rocks have been crushed, however, the size and the shape are still not qualified for the work. With the help of impact crusher, the rocks would be flung to the plate and break into pieces.

In particular, the housing is evident. Compared with the traditional cone crusher, the design of our machine is more advanced. The major advantaged of cone crusher is the large crushing ratio and capacity. The laigh houses are flattened and the huge buildings are created at the same areas. During the construction industry, various types of crushers are essential to provide enough and qualified rocks to strengthened the structure. For example, cone crusher could be used to offer fine materials to build high quality buildings.

mobile crusher plant: