The sand dryer (river sand dryer)application: this rotary dryer can used to dry the river sand, yellow sand, slag, clay, gangue, mixture, fly ash, gypsum, sand, coal, ore, blue carbon and some other raw materials,sand dryer is widely used in building material, chemical industry, casting, etc. In the cylinder body with copy on the board, it is the role of the material copy up and then, make the material of surface in contact with air flow increases, in order to improve and promote the drying rate coal slime dryer material forward. Heat body generally fall into the hot air, black, etc.

Heat body after the dryer, generally need to dust cyclone in the gas with material capture down.The operation is very simple and liable. For this reason, it is used widely. Rotary sand dryer general adjustment in granular material, also can be used for material with the method of drying sticky creamy materials or high water content of the material. It often used for drying sand, kuangfen, coal cinder.

Rotary sand dryer drying machine the raw materials by the conveyor is sent to the inside, and then enter the hopper dryer, within the cylinder in drying equipment rotation, the material flow line to the other side, wet materials in the cylinder body in the process of moving forward, directly or indirectly got heat body heat, make wet materials to be dry, and then in the material end by belt conveyor or screw conveyor is sent out. Especially the rotary sand dryer, rotay dryer drying with excellent results.Rotary sand dryer has advantage of production apacity , application scope, flow resistance small, operation on the range allowed bigger, convenient operation.

desulfurization gypsum dryer: