As what was mentioned above, different types of crushers are designed with different features to serve for different purposes. For example, the most common crusher is the jaw crusher , which is essential for primary crushing. It could be fed with larger rocks and it could deal with materials in a wide range of hardness. Aggregates mean the combination of different materials. Before they are applying to series of industries, they need to be crushed by heavy duty machine.

In order to move the jaw crusher from location to location at construction sites, the portable jaw crusher is invented. Associated with the different using purposes, the portable machines are designed into the tire type and the crawler type. The invention of portable jaw crusher promote the disposal of rocks and speed up the crushing process. The initial size of aggregates is large and when they are broken into smaller pieces, they could be used to construct roads and buildings. In order to accomplish the aggregate crushing, different types of stone crusher is needed, such as the jaw crusher and impact crusher.

In most situation, the crushed rocks made by jaw crusher need to be re-crushed by secondary crushing machines, such as cone crusher. As the construction manager, you need to focus on your requirements and be familiar with the features of stone crusher. In addition, you need to inspect the qualification of the crusher operators to find out weather they are professional and experienced. At the same time, the quality of the crusher machine is the factor you could not underestimate to insure the safety of the workers and the quality of the crushing performance. For more info, please visit our website or contact us:

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