Rotary dryer consists of the cylinder, before and after the roller circle, a large gear, gear roll, drag roller, a small gear, a feeding device, lifting plate, reducer, motor, feeding devices and other components. Furnace can be designed according to user needs, the combustion chamber, bucket elevator, belt conveyor, feeder, dust and other system equipment. River Sand dryer is a dryer which can deal with a large number of materials. For its reliable operation, flexibly to handle, strong adaptability and massive handling quantity, it is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, food, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mineral industry.

Rotary sand dryer drying machine the raw materials by the conveyor is sent to the inside, and then enter the hopper dryer, within the cylinder in drying equipment rotation, the material flow line to the other side, wet materials in the cylinder body in the process of moving forward, directly or indirectly got heat body heat, make wet materials to be dry, and then in the material end by belt conveyor or screw conveyor is sent out. Drum dryer generally adapt to granular material, and also can dry the sticky or creamy materials or materials with high water content by partly mixing materials.

Especially to dry sand, drum dryer’s drying effect is excellent.In the cylinder body with copy on the board, it is the role of the material copy up and then, make the material of surface in contact with air flow increases, in order to improve and promote the drying rate coal slime dryer material forward. Heat body generally fall into the hot air, black, etc. Heat body after the dryer, generally need to dust cyclone in the gas with material capture down.

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