VSI can be adjusted by the customers” demand to crush materials. Generally, it is used as the secondary crushing machine. Fote is one of the most popular manufacturer of vertical impact crusher in China. Besides the impact crusher, we supply other types of stone crushers, such as cone crusher and jaw crusher. All of our products are in excellent working condition.It has a better circuit balance and this makes it more flexible to be designed to meet different requirements. It can be used to crush different materials and it can crush the materials into different size and shape.

Some of the parts have its own life span, we need to replace them even they seem to work well. For example, the babbitt liner can only be used for 2 years and once it achieves this year, we have to rebuilt it. Impact can be divided into two types: the vertical shaft impact crusher and the horizontal shaft impact crusher. The former throws materials against a drum to crush them, and the materials will be crushed into different sizes according to the the velocity of the particles. The screen only allow the desired-size material go though. The latter impact crusher crush materials with hammers and the mesh keep the shape and size of the crushed materials similar with each other. While you are choosing to buy a jaw crusher, consider your needs and find the most suitable one.

As usual, you should pay attention to the size of the crushing chamber opening, the size should be large enough to feed into materials to crush. And when the ore channel wear or tear about 1.5 mm, we need to rebuild it or adjust it.

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